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Welcome to French Furniture from Heirloom Beds Ltd.
Established 9 years we have spent 2 years planning and implementing a new way of offering  the very best in quality handmade and finished french style furniture and other pieces we love too much too miss out.
Our goal is to offer the best value amongst our peers, we understand customers are looking harder for better value. We also knew savings from marketing on the web, out of town warehouse etc on it's own was not enough to take it as far as we wanted to. As a result we are now junior partners in our own factory enabling us to remove agents fees and greater creative control with no one else taking a slice in the supply chain and products that no one else has.
So we have an ever changing range of beautiful pieces direct from factory at prices with no one inbetween.

We hope first of all you consider more than a price and an image, most retailers can source cheap machine made sprayed furniture and look similar on a web page. Please bear in mind the traditionally made nature of our furniture which has always carried a premium in price. We supply direct from factory at better than wholesale prices take care not to judge a product by it's price.

All our furniture utilises plantation mahogany in all chassis as well as sustainable Mindy and reclaimed 30 year old European pine. All our French furniture is hand made with hand tools and all hand finished. This does not mean carrying a piece from 1 machine to another allowing you to call it 'handmade'. Think of a UK cabinet maker and then remove all powered tools and equipment. All carvings are completed by craftsmen for whom skills are passed down the generations. Our finishing has been developed over 20 years with UK apprentice served finisher building the skill sets we now have 2 instances of 3rd generation staff working in the factory.

Our factory pays 25-30% over and above local rates but we gain more in efficiency as complex sophisticated finishes take time to master and to produce at a rate that keeps prices for the customer down. Understanding cultural work ethic accepting it is not the same as European Chinese or American is the first step working with the culture and retaining skilled staff is key to production efficiency.

All our furniture is of a hand made and finished nature this is part of our quality offering avoiding uniform flat sprayed machine made perfection. All furniture is cabinet jointed and very strong as you would find in an antique piece. All joints are resin glued and often dowel locked. We guarantee our chassis strength but can not guarantee wood will not show signs of settling in your environment it's natural and is an attribute of solid wood furniture a disclaimer you will see from all retailers small and large. Should any piece of furniture faill in it's joints and structural integrity or full depth seperation in timber surfaces we will replace or refund at our discretion.

Please remember we provide a 14 day long distance selling rules (rather than the 7 days by law) no quibble return.

26th March 2012
We are very pleased to announce the launch of our brand new eCommerce site,  and also our new blog,... read more ›
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Great service
Your Customer Service has been great, and you're a company that I'd be happy to do business with again.  ... read more ›
Mr. S. Little, 26th March 2012